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Thanks for the replies. I am definitely going to work it out, I plan to use RI.
I am making a cherry blossom branch cake, I will need 50+ flowers. How far ahead do I need to make these flowers so that they will be dry? I was thinking 3 or 4 days. Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the responses, next time I bake I will try all of these solutions.
Thanks, I will have to try that. Hopefully, that will solve my problem.
I found this recipe on the Internet somewhere and had to change it up to make it dairy free. This is the changed recipe: 5 egg whites, room temp 3/4 cup water 2 1/4 tsp vanilla 2 1/2 cup sifted cake flour 1 3/4 cup sugar 1T & 1t baking powder 3/4 t salt 12T shortening 350 degrees The only things changed are water for milk and shortening for butter. The cake has a good flavor, but it is dry and crumbly. I really like a moist cake. I know that scratch cakes are a bit drier...
I just made my first batch of SMBC, it tastes so much better than ABC. Anyway, I have looked and really can't find anything on someone being able to successfully create camo with it. Could I add more PS to make a stiffer buttercream to achieve the camouflage? Or could I fill and crumb coat with SMBC, refrigerate until firm then go back with ABC, let it crust, then smooth? Thanks!
If this is directed at me I get it, I really just used that to make my point.I guess if I was brand new to the site and that is the first thing that I read I probably would not post anything. Point taken. I guess it is our jobs as members to keep it under control, I mean no one has to be here if they don't want to be. A welcoming committee that can be unbiased and give helpful information would be great for this site. I see a lot of new people reaching out, "newbie just...
You could make sweet potato caramel, I made it last night it was good, did still taste like sweet potatoes. 3 lbs sweet potato 1 1/2 cup water Peel and cut up potatoes and put in to a 9x13 add 1/2 water. Bake for one hour covered with foil and then uncover place back in over for 15 min. Take it out and add 1 cup of water. Place liquids and solids in a strainer, lined with cheesecloth. Let in drain in a saucepan, when cool enough to handle squeeze and get all the liquid...
I don't feel that anyone should have to apologize for anything in that particular thread. It was just to stir up trouble, everyone knows that it's a troll, so no one has to respond to it. Anz if you be reponzing to OMGOMG u's gottas do itz like dizz, aaight. (Yes, I was joking, being light hearted!) On a serious note, that user should be banned, nothing of value to offer here. And cakealicious7 is right, completely got off topic
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