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Hi guys,   I hope everyone is having a great week! I would like if you could critque this cake. This was my first time using modeling chocolate and creating a figure cake.  
Wow guys.. You said some very interesting stuff. I do have to agree with what Elcee said. I also can see  how timing is everything. I posted a throne cake which I put a lot of hours into and bout 10 pr more photos were upload at the same time. My picture didn't even stand a
First off! Love your Assasins Creed cake! Very nice job. I can totally understand where you are coming from. Thanks for replying.
I use gel colors. Food colorings are waterbased and will affect the texture of your pastry cream.
Hi guys,    I have been thinking about this for awhile, and I notice that the more feminine ("hopefully I am using the right choice of word") cakes attract more attention and likes on CC?   I've seen some very difficult designs and cake construction on CC. These cakes didn't include pastel colors, flowers, and clean lines. For instance...someone made a predator cake and I thought..." did they create that!" The time and construction alone deserves to be...
It does sound like the climate may be affecting your cake. You might have to tweak your orginal receipe like AnnieCahill stated. Maybe adding more butter or shortening to the recipe might help. You also try whipping the sugar and (butter/shortening) more to get of a sillky texture.
The shortening should work. If you have time, also try making you own. There are a lot of good recipes on CC.
It's all about educating your customer. Like you stated... not many people are familiar with the costs involved to make a good product. They are used to buying cake mixes for $1.99, frostings and commercial cakes (by the way, what;'s in those frostings? When you actually break down the costs for ingredients it does add up. However, the end result is so much worth it. I rather buy a cake made from scratch than a store brought brand.
The cake ingredients along would cost that much! Crazy.
What type of modeling paste are you using? you may need to knead shortening into the paste to make it softer to work with.
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