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You can stabilize whipping cream with plain, unflavored gelatin.  It's pipable, it lasts a couple of days, and it holds it's shape that way.  Just google "stabilizing whipped cream" and directions should come up.  I've done it before and it has worked out just fine.   I bought these for individual containers.  With shipping and tax the containers were under $ .25 a piece. They are stackable, so they take up less space than the plastic cups with bags around them.   
It looks great!!!
I would think $.75 (maybe even $1) for just an unfilled, red velvet cupcake sounds about right.  Do you make scratch cakes or box mixes?  If it's a box mix I might go cheaper.  I think the rule of thumb is ingredients costs (include everything, even liners) times 3.    I fine mini cupcakes to still take a lot of time.  You still have to decorate them, and even though they bake faster and cool faster, they don't save me any time over regular cupcakes. 
I've made this recipe with good success.   I made it with moscato in place of champaign.  I also put a bit of pink food coloring in it just for good measure.  They were good.  I didn't make a full batch, just a half a batch. 
I'm not sure about vegan, but I would assume you could just substitute the liquid with champaign.  I've never done a vegan cupcake, but I assume you can't use butter (correct me if I am wrong).  What product can you use?   I've made a moscato cupcake with moscato buttercream before and it was good.  For the BC, I just made my normal BC, but instead of putting heavy cream in it, I added in a couple tablespoons of moscato, just till it hit the right consistancy.  The...
This is the recipe I made the last time:   I liked it better than the one I used previously.  It's a good mapley cake.  I made it with half real maple syrup and half pancake syrup just to keep the cost down.  I used a maple buttercream with it and put bacon pieces on top.  It got rave reviews. 
I'm doing cupcakes for my daughter's teacher's too.  I decided to do packs of 6.  I bought clamshell type boxes from here:  I bought the 6 cavity deep cupcake containers for .51 cents a piece.  I am not going to decorate "teacher" cupcakes though.  I'm going to do just go with what people's favorites normally are.  I was going to do red velvet with cream cheese icing, chocolate toffee with salted caramel...
I bake mine at 350 for 10 minutes.  They are normally done after that. 
My guess is it was a swiss buttercream.  That is so light in texture, and if they didn't add in a lot of caramel it wouldn't have an overly caramel flavor.    I would think it would be easy to recreate. 
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