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You know the food wrapping paper you use if your making a treat basket? For cookies & such . It Comes in just clear, or clear with all sorts of designs/colors? Well you can cut out a big enough square to wrap around each of your cake pops then tie a pretty bow, ribbon, or a twist tie to keep it close.
Piping gel
I Never have tried a walmart cake. But at Smart n Final they have Pastry Pride which is a whipped topping. I also remembering seeing rich's bettercreme.
How about blue velvet with cream cheese frosting?
I think that the cake is based of his design only. Not about how it tastes anything near it. Walmart just made a cake inspired off of one of buddys cakes you pretty much see in every episode.
I think if you add different colors of buttercream, one to each side of the piping bag, it should give you a rainbow effect.
Looks like they combined half white and half brown fondant. Using pieces of white fondant swaying down covering where the two colors join together. Some royal icing work on the white layers. Chocolate ganache (kinda thicken) lightly dripping down. Chocolate covered tuxeo strawberries. With a nice shell border.
The witch falling in the cupcake is such a cute idea !!Also you can do a "broken glass" cupcake. Using simple sugar work, making it look like glass. Putting it on top of the cupcake with "blood" pouring down the glass (raspberry filling or a simple corn syrup recipe will do).You could also make a torso incorperating the cupcake with the decorations, with a red filling in the center for blood to oozo out
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