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Hmm maybe your putting too much food coloring? I use this technique a lot and never had a problem with it. I have also made a rainbow cake, Dividing and coloring the cake mix. Then pouring batter in 8-9 inch pans. Stacking layers, one at a time. It takes longer but still comes out nice.
I agree marshmallow fondant is so EASY & CHEAP to make. An unlike online vendors who add all kinds of chemicals to their fondant. Marshmallow fondant only has, 16 ounces of Marshmallows, 1 tbs of water and powder sugar. You can add a stick of crisco to make it more sturdy. But if you want to go with your original plan. Satin Ice is a Popular fondant to use. I seen buddy use it even on cake boss
I would pipe alot of Raspberry/Strawberry filling in the cake, And make the filling slightly more runny then usual.
I tried researching what you have asked. I only came across this on Yahoo: First spray the flowers with any regular class 2 hydration serum. Bubble wrap them, leaving an air pocket for ventilation. Then pack them in a corrugated molters cardboard box. Take care not to damage the flowers whilst inserting them. They should be fine for shipping times under 1 week
I've tried looking also, But every recipe I came across on this site for a durable cake recipe uses a box mix. I know sponge cake is very durable though if you want to try that.
With Tempered chocolate. Using parchment paper. Layer and smooth the chocolate on top and let stand till it's nice and cooled. Then cut out the how many you need.
You can torte the one cake before you carve out the numbers, adding a filling to give you height. I wouldn't use printer paper/ink on the cake. Just for safety reasons.Durable Chocolate Cake Recipe:
Its just the piping bag with the large coupler on it (the part you put in the bag, not the other part that screws down the Tips).
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