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I would like to invest in a printer to use edible ink in. I'm torn between two printers: Canon Pixma IX6520 and Epson XP 400. Does anyone here have either one of these printers or one that is similar and can offer any advice. I'd rather not spend a fortune on the printer but I would like to get a good one. Please help!!!! 
Hello Everybody!   I'm making a Broadway themed cake for my best friend's 30th birthday in September. I found a couple of pictures online for inspiration and most of them are tiered cakes with the colors going from light on the bottom to dark on the top.   At first I was thinking I could attempt to airbrush it but that would mean I'd need to purchase an airbrush machine and such (which I don't mind doing and would eventually like to try it). Then I thought about...
Lea- Thanks for the suggestion! That might be more difficult then it needs to be for the cake but it sounds like fun to try. I'll definitely keep that in mind :)   CWR41- Awesome thank you! I thought about dragging a spatula through buttercream for the waves under the boat but the sides still had me at a loss but thank you for the suggestion of a cake comb! I'm definitely going to try that. :)  
Hi Everyone! I'm fairly new to decorating cakes. I usually just do the basics and I've been taking the Wilton classes at a local Michael's store (I will be taking the 3rd course in March). My friend asked me if I could make a cake for her nephews' 4th birthday in a couple of weeks. The theme is the movie How To Train Your Dragon. My friend bought some cake toppers from ebay from the movie and it showed a picture of a cake. It looks pretty cool and simple enough but I was...
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