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Coconut milk, got it!  Is there a coconut taste when it's all said and done?  I know coconut is kind of a love it or hate it thing.  I've never seen coconut cream, I'm about to do some googling.  Thanks everyone!
I need to make a dairy-free chocolate ganache but I'd rather not potentially waste time and effort on failed attempts.  ;)  Has anyone tried ganache with almond milk rather than cream?  If not, is there a good recipe out there for that?
Great idea, I'll do that!  Thank you!! 
If it was normal writing or cursive, then I would absolutely do it myself, but this is a very detailed calligraphy on a somewhat simple and elegant cake.  The writing and roses will be the focus of attention, I'd feel much better not testing out my calligraphy skills on this one!  :)  Thank you though!
Hey all,   Does anyone have a good online company to order edible printed wording from?  I've been commissioned to make a Phantom of the Opera themed wedding cake with some gorgeous scrolling calligraphy of the lyrics, "Share with me one love, one lifetime".  While I'd love to say I'd write that on the cake in that style, that is just not happening.  ;)  I need to give him an estimate on the cake, but I'm a little stumped until I can sort this out.   Thank you!
I actually did just that!  I turned my ceiling fan on high and just left it alone.  The top center was still a little tacky, but the rest was fine!  Thank you!  :)
I always cover my cakes cold, but my icing is normally room temperature. It was almost like instant moisture after it was covered. Argh! My decorations are sticking to it by themselves, I guess that's a plus! Haha!
So I was a little tired this morning when I started my cake and kind of just jumped into it. Basically, my cake was cold and the icing I put over the crumb coat and under my fondant was still cold from the fridge, so I'm getting very sticky fondant. It's been about 2.5 hours and its still very sticky. This is being picked up in about 3ish hours. Does anyone know if it should dry out by then? Making another one just isn't an option. Eesh. Thank you!
I know this seems to be the ultimate question, but does does anyone have a really wonderful white cake recipe?  I'm making a two tiered funfetti cake for my soon-to-be nephew's baby shower that will be covered in fondant.  It seems like the repeating problem I have with covering cakes in fondant is that since the fondant acts almost like a plastic wrap, my cakes end up too moist and dense (for my tastes anyways, it doesn't seem to bother anyone else).  I'm trying to find...
Thanks Leah_S!  I don't think I'm going to freeze them as I'd need them the next evening, but if I cut out the shapes, layered them in wax paper in an air tight container then stuck them in the fridge, would they not dry out some?  Thanks for your help...I'm cookie retarded.  :)  
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