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Thanks everyone!! I'll have to look around and check pricing. The bathroom scale idea isn't a bad one. :)
Thank you. I think I would need something with a higher capacity. I'm thinking up to at least 50lbs. I've never made a cake that weighs that much ( I don't think.... lol) but I have some big ones coming up. :)
I would like to weigh my cakes after they are completely finished and ready to hand to the customers ( I bake out of my home). What is the best scale to use for this? I didn't know if I could use a regular kitchen scale or if I need something special and more professional. Thanks in advance!!   Emily
I have been wanting to try airbrushing for a while now and my husband bought me one for our anniversary!! I've only used it once and before then I had never used an airbrush on cakes. I decorated a birthday cake for my cousin and airbrushed it in a camo print. It turned out great. The next day it was speckled. I'm not sure what may have caused it. I didn't get the airbrush too close. One thing I did do, which I seen mixed opinions on, was use the Wilton food color gels and...
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