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Hello Friends,   1. Baked-on cookie sheets can often be tough to clean, especially if the sheet was not properly greased to begin with. However, there are several tricks to make the cleaning easier and to make baking cookies that much sweeter. 2. Place the cookie sheet in the sink, and turn on the hot water to soak the sheet in hot, soapy water. 3. Return to the sheet 10 minutes later, when any particles stuck to the cookie sheet have been softened. Use your...
Hello Friends,   I have been trying to bake cookies for a gift basket for the men at my husband's work. Every recipe I have tried since so far have hardened after cooling the cookies. Am I doing something wrong or does someone have recipes for Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies that stay soft after cooling? The men at his work like soft chewy cookies not hard ones.     Thanks Michael Ehard
Hello Guys,   My boss wanted something big and grand as a corporate gifts. Where can I find it with price ranging from $50 - $100+?   Thanks in advance Michael Ehard
Hello friends I love to bake around the holidays , but I am running out of ideas for something unique cookies,. Does anyone have a unique and tasty recipe for holiday cookies? Thanks and regards MichaelEhard
Hello everyone,Greetings to all, This is Michael Ehard, a newbie to this. I didn't have found introduction thread anywhere, so I'm introducing myself here, if any inconvenience occurred, I apologise. I have found a lot of topics which are helpful for me and I want to participate in all those topics to gain and share knowledge. I have a special interest in Cookie Gift Basket, Holiday Cookies, I am really very excited here to take part in discussions. Hope you will...
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