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this is called edible glitter :) you can get it from most cake shops it is edible, but im not sure if it the healthiest thing  hope this helped! 
hi!  i make the amazing chocolate cupcake with a caramel filling and a white chocolate frosting goes amazing with it :) also you could do a white chocolate truffle cupcake   i hope this helped! 
also a nice flavour would be..... chocolate with a candy cane buttercream traditional fruit cake with a fruit mince  filling redvelvet with a eggnog buttercream :) hope this helped!
hi, i was hoping you guys could help me! my sisters wedding is coming up and she wants me to make the cake!  but i dont have many ideas. the colours of the wedding are violet and white. she wants some edible violet roses she wants it to be simple over 2 or 3 tiers   please help me guys! :)
hi there,i dont have the recipe on me but on the side of the can of nestle highlanders caramel is an AMAZING recipe for chocolate flavored cupcakes with a Delicious caramel filling, it is super easy!good luck!
okay well that is weird!however you could make some little fondant figurines of a baby or you get some edible images of the babys face and stick it on some frosting they always look cool!
hi there i wan't to as well! i think they are a great idea and i can't wait until Christmas! i found these cool pics on blogs and stuff. and i quite like the ones below....i really like the santa one in this...
hi thereso i had a couple of ideas...- i no that u already have a flavor for your cupcake but i reckon it would be cool if you put jam or jelly or gooey red stuff so when they bit into it it is like blood..-well u get some white candy floss and make it really thin and it put it on top like cobwebs and then add some fondant figurines..- if you where doing the candy floss cobwebs you could make a scary zombie hand and stick it in as if it was rising from the dead?- you could...
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