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wow sweettales your kirchen looks awesome!(: and you have a gift with gum paste flowers!(:
wow, thats awesome!. ad really handy they where throwing those benches out! thank you so much! :) unfotunetly i'm in new zealand so i cn't call you, but thank you so much for your help! 
wow! thank you soo much! your amazing! 
thank you guys lots :) kazita  awesome! could i have the recipe, that would be great thank you! 
thank you guys so, so much! i think i will go with starting at home businuss i will be specializing in cakes and cupcakes, catering and like wedding and birthday cakes. i knew i could rely on you CC's thanks a lot in advance!   debm1 your kitchen looks great hpefully i can have one like that!, how long did it take to make, and how much did it cost? cheers   sophymalik xx
okay so i am opening my own cake bakery. but i was wondering what you guys would recommend... which do you guys enjoy better? having a home based bakery/commercial kitchen or a store front bakery?? please help me guys! i just can't decide! 
yes i agree with bittersweety i think JessiCA KEnnedy is awesome!  but the Kennedy  cake center is awesome two! i came up with a few ideas aswell, but i don't think there as good as the others! -the Kenneday cake hut
hi! okay so question number one: each cupcake should cost the cost of all the ingrediants decorations rappers etc, times that price by three then divide how many cupcakes there our, the x3 is to cover the electricity etc question 2: sorry i don't know i am about to start up a bakery myself, all my knowledge comes from my cousin who owns a bakery question 3: i dont no of any aprart from cake boss, but my cousin uses cake boss and she says it is really helpful! so...
OMG maple bacon does sound sensational! does anyone have a good recipe?  cheers :)
hi instead of doing a halloween theme i think you should something classy and girly for your mother in-laws 'ladies day out' i think a pretty pink frosting with some fondant or modelling chocolate roses would be perfect maybe a bit like these?            also theses are quite pretty :)   this one is a bit more simple :)         i agree with rwarren make your icing and fondant decorations NOW! i would suggest a white chocolate frosting (NOT...
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