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Thank You! I will try out the vodka! Thanks again
Hi all, wishing you all a Happy Healthy 2013!!! Ok, so I will be making my first Wilton Carousel Cake, wondering if any of you have done, any words of wisdom, pictures would be appreciated. I am going to decorate the carousel all with fondant, lots of colors, lol!! Thanks, Maria
Hi there, wow, I love this idea instead of spraying that silver stuff, I don't really like it, I sooo wish they made silver wilton coloring, So silly question, if I use vodka and paint on the silver dust is it ok for kids to eat? Thanks, Maria
Hi there, I just wanted to say hi and thanks to all for the help with my 2 tier cake. I am soo happy to say, I delivered the cake about 35-40 mins away and it arrived totally safe. I was sooooo happy. I was able to put the lollipop toppers I made on the cake at the venue. I was still shaking, ha ha               . If I figure out I will post a pic, lol. Thanks again, Maira
thanks again! I soo appreciate it...see I would have never thought to just sharpen the dowel! thanks! Maria
thanks so much, I guess I am just nervous about the top tier sliding or something God forbid, thanks again
thank you so much!
thank you girls sooo much for the replies , I truly appreciate it....sorry to bug you again, when u do use the central dowel do you cut a hole in the cake board before you put it under cake so when you hammer it in, it just goes in easy?? also to keep cake stable do you just use some buttercream before you place top tier? thanks again and yes I agree lol about traveling with newborn lol thanks again everyone... ps people refer to the central dowel as a skewer, like...
HI there, ok, so I have made 2 and 3 tier cakes before but they have never traveled before and never 45 mins away.  My friend is picking up so I think I am more nervous as I won't be holding cake, lol. So question for all you wood dowel girls... 1 did you put one large wooden dowel through the cake(cake will be 3 -9"rounds on bottom and 2- 6"top)   2 did you put a hole through the cake plate first or did you hammer it in? nervous about that..... 3 do you NOT...
Hi all Thanks for past advice I am waiting to apply decorations to cream cheese frosting. But worried. How should I apply. Thinking of making fondant glue little water and melted fondant worried they will fall off sides after delivery. Any and all help would be gratly appreciated Thanks Maria
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