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well you could always sell her a cake with antifreeze filling. Ought to solve that problem.   Not at all serious. I can't believe someone would do something like that :(
simply darling!
I am thinking of opening a kitchen in Tulsa. Would anyone be interested in reserving some time? PM me if so!
Another thing to think about is that MAYBE she didn't cancel the wedding but decided to not go through with the cake. Could be for any reason...inadequate funds, decided to go somewhere else, the list goes on.  Not at all meaning to imply that your work isn't awesome...just that people can be fickle. I just don't always trust people. She could have thought to herself that you would return her deposit if she made you feel sorry for her.    If it were me, I would tell...
I'd love a copy of the labels! If someone would like to send them to me I would greatly appreciate it!!!!
hmmm, that is interesting... I always have good luck with DH. It's my go-to box brand.   I always get compliments on the cakes I make using the cake mix extender recipe from this site.   When I use white or yellow cake with the cake mix extender recipe, I like to add 1/2 tsp of Lorann butter vanilla bakery emulsion and 1/2 tsp of the princess bakery emulsion
I wonder if you could just do an edible image? 
I've typed, deleted, typed, deleted my response to this thread... I am at a loss for words. That cake is GORGEOUS! I think it was tastefully done and well put together, even with all of the bold design elements. I really commend you. Don't let that nut job make you think otherwise!!!!!
Wow, I can't believe someone would ask you to credit them for the uneaten cake!! I would never thing it would be acceptable to order a pizza, and then call them to say, "we didn't eat it all, can you buy it back?" Some people are so silly.     I recently started telling people that X cake costs X amount and so on.... A lot of people just don't understand the 'by the serving' pricing system. For some reason it really throws them. 
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