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The coffee in chocolate, I have also heard of using apple sauce but haven't tried it.
Very nice stonework!! I love it!! And I love this thread! I was planning to make a replica of my in-laws house...!!Thanks.
Hi,On your other post about Diabeti Sweet, one site states that "Measure for Measure" Sugar Substitute for Baking and Cooking. Thanks for sharing...!
I also do a beginner's Cake Decorating class, more involved, let me know if you want info on how I do those ...
Just in case anyone new knows something about this mysterious cookie.
Coffee instead of water in chocolate cake!
With a properly supported cake, a large flower will not cause shifting.....!!!
I bought some champagne flavored sugar in hopes to add the flavor without adding additional liquid to a standard yellow cake recipe.....!!!
Thanks for Tip , I had similar asking.
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