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I need to make roses that are closest to a burgundy rose as possible. The burgundy coloring I have makes everything more purple than burgundy. Any suggestions? I need it to be a close to this image as possible, in color.  
This is so cute! Are you decorating your cupcakes before or after you place them in the cups?
I now only buy from Icing Images. I've been very please with their products. 
You can purchase frosting sheets at a number of places. Just put frosting sheets in google and a ton of places pop up. 
I mix fondant and gum paste together often and it works out great. It makes the fondant dry much faster. 
I think we are on our own here Lizzy :-)
Does anyone have a really good Limoncello recipe? I want to make one for Mother's Day.
My oven doesn't have a light.. should I heat to 150, turn off and then put fondant inside?
I also have the same problem. I try to flip when I roll but it just rips apart. I'm going to try crisco. Thanks for the tips!
  I bought a brand new printer off of amazon for 90.00. But you have to buy a brand new printer to use the edible inks in.
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