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Very helpful. Thanks
I love using Sharon Zambito's butter cream. Has anyone ever tried adding white chocolate (of course melted lol)?    How much?
How high was your cake. :)
Is Creme Royal the same as Creme Bouquet and does it taste the same?
Blakescakes, Did I read your post correctly? If using foam core boards between cake layers we don't have to cover them? I wasn't aware that they were food grade. Thanks for your post.
Gleep, Do you use the foam core board directly under cakes?
How many cake layers do you use? I have heard of some baking 2 , 2" cakes and I have also seen 3 baked cakes with filling.    Thank you Linda
Could you share where you purchase SPS plates and columns? I must have missed it.  Do the wilton white plastic hollow pillars fit plates? Thank you for your post. Very encouraging. :) 
I did think it might have been with the mixing of the color. I add a little at a time until I get the color I need. But when I mix to much my butter cream gets too many air bubbles in it...grrr. No, I did not use a hot knife. I crumb coat first then I put a good amount of butter cream on cake and use a bench scraper to smooth sides. Now this is when it happens. After smoothing, I have to touch up some divots and areas that don't have enough frosting and then the colors are...
 My colors streak when frosting my cakes .I have taken a picture from pinterest to show what it looks like. Has this happened to anyone and how did you fix it. I use wilton and americolor colors. 
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