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Yes thank you so very much.  I have ever done one of these before and I am a little worried.  Thanks again,
I will be attempting my first ever FBT and need a little help.  I watched a youtube video and it shows that when filling in the colors you also place the BC over the outline and then smooth.  Will the outline show once this is taken off the wax paper?  Just a few questions before I get started. 
So can you possibly tell me if this is what has been used on this cake?  This was made for a friend of a friend and I love how it looks.  But I asked and she said it was all buttercream.  So I am unsure I would just love to learn how to do cakes like this.   Thanks
Can color flow be placed directly on the cake.  For example if I were to make a pattern on wax paper with piping gel and lay it out on my cake could I use color flow on the cake?  I see where some say there is a waiting period for color flow.  Just not sure and I am hoping someone on here can help.  I see lots of cakes on here using color flow.  I have a few cakes to do in a few weeks and would like to give this a try.   Thanks
This cake was made for a friend of mine.  Can someone please tell me what technique is used on this cake.  I don’t understand how the icing inside is so smooth and how to get it that way.  This cake is all buttercream icing and no fondant.  This cake was awesome but would I love know how this person does this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
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