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one last question (for now? ) will this cake look okay with a 6" over an 8"? Or should I keep the lower tier a 9" or 10"?I just don't want it to look weird.
I've heard a lot of horror stories about tappit sets What about cookie cutters? Or any other alternative?
I tried but am still waiting on a response. There's just so many fonts out there! I don't know which one to pick!!Thank you guys for your help (and patience), but I need to bug y'all with one more question: How do I get stuff to stick to the cake? Like the wood to stick to the cake, and the 'happy birthday' to stick to the wood? I've read that just a little water makes fondant stick to fondant, but I wanted to be sure
Hey y'all!My nephews birthday is in a month, and he's obsessed with toy story. My sister asked me to make a two tier cake with the amount of people showing up, so I thought of doing an 6" over an 8". I've NEVER done fondant cakes or tiered cakes before so I need all the help I can get. I'm still new to this and usually do well on the recipe rather than the decorating. I'm probably going to borrow ideas from other cakes on here .In this cake...
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