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Hey guys!   So I just decorated and served my first decorated cake this weekend, and it wouldn't have been possible without y'alls help. I know it's a little sloppy, the 2 wasn't centered, the 'h' in ruhaan had to be redone so it's brighter, the clouds on the second tier were a little messy, and so on. But my nephew loved it, and I had people at the party chowing down on the cake asking me to bake their kids future cakes. So I think it went pretty okay.   I...
I recently bought The Mat too and decorated my first cake in it, using Satin Ice. I did experience a little bit of tearing with my second tier but nothing that a thicker layer of fondant couldn't fix. I remember kneading in a bit of shortening for both tiers before rolling it though, and keeping it relatively thick. My cake ended up being really smooth with no tears and dents. Is your mat dented? Is it both the sheets or just one of them?  
  would a rose nail work? Since it's not as wide as a heating core 
  No I never thought to buy one  My cakes are never larger than 8" so I never had the need. I need to bake the cake in a couple days so I won't really have the time to go buy one with such short notice, but I'll definitely keep it on my to-buy list
  So 10" round cake in the oven for 35 minutes at 325?   My problem was that the oven was at 350 and it was still not done at 35 minutes. The centre was done after around 40-45 minutes but by then the outsides were slightly burnt. I may just have to reduce the temperature?
Hey guys!   So recently I made a practice cake for my nephew's birthday coming up this week, and it was the darn good chocolate cake recipe. Since this cake will be two tiered, the chocolate tier is going to be 10". How long do I keep the cake in the oven for? And at what temperature? Some recipes say 350 while others 325. It's a larger than usual cake so I think I need to up the time too, because I tried it for 35 minutes at 350 and it wasn't done in the middle but...
  How much less cereal exactly? I don't want it to end up becoming a big mushy mess
  I tried but my bowls are low and wide, so they don't come out right   My top tier is going to be 8", so I wanted it to stand out, maybe around 4"? Give or take at least. I haven't tried grating though, I never thought of that  I'll try it out tonight and post an update! Thank you!!
Hey guys! I know this question may seem super silly but I'm a newbie so I'm still learning I'm making a toy story cake for my nephew this weekend and I wanted to put a little moon beside buzz or put buzz on it - something like   Now people have advised me to make the moon out of rice cereal treats, but I tried and I'm just not getting the right shape. It looks more like a brain out of surgery Can someone give me some...
In addition to adding an extra egg, I usually replace oil with butter, and replace the water with milk. I haven't ever added instant pudding mix so I'm not sure that would work with the butter and the milk
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