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...and I don't want to use dummies hehehe
I would like to make the Avatar movie lady ;-) (Neytiri) My guess is that I probably aim too high but hey, I want to practise so may as well get out of the ribbon and brush embroidery zone!
Thanks for your answer K8memphis! You're confirming what I was thinking...specially because the finished cake would have to travel a bit soooo...
Hello everyone!       I'm wondering is someone has tried to make a sculpted cake mainly with cake spackle? let's say like a giant cake pop? I'm willing to achieve a bust...wouldn't have to be massive but big enough to impress I guess...I doubt about my carving skills to achieve something fine and delicate. Could I just use firm cake spackle ans cover it with fondant and/or modeling chocolate? I'm bit worried about support too, as I wouldn't like the head to fall...
oh I didnt realised you were in Spain! see, these mats for isomalt seem to be only available in the us, and so far I haven't found them in Europe (pretty much zero chance to get them in France). I'm going to keep looking, otherwise price plus shipping would be close to 90 $ I guess...maybe I wait for xmas!
Thank you Dayti; your reply is totally full of good sense and good points. My aim was to make some sort of butterfly wings but no way it'd work !! I saw that some butterfly wings mats aimed at being used with isomalt are available; I just wondered if I could somehow avoid the cost as cake is just a hobby for me. I might just use it very occasionaly...  
Hello everyone! I was just wondering if someone has ever tried to pour and spread isomalt on a sugarveil mat and if the results were good? Please note I haven't used isomalt or sugarveil yet...cheers!
I've just had a look at them   I have 3 sorts! some have a square end and some are square all the way through except the end tip (that I was planning to cut anyway) and some are round all the way. They look thick enough; I may give it a go (at my own risk!) but will definitely get sturdy drinking straws; maybe when I get to do a five tiered wedding cake I'll get the proper stuff  ;) ta for the tip!
attention people!! has anyone ever tried to use chopsticks instead instead of dowels? (I've got tons of them, from take aways...wooden ones) I feel really cheap asking but hey, you never know!
you are right Fullhouse, I've noticed the difference in the details, it's true... sometimes it's better to avoid shortcuts, may they be money/cost motivated!
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