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Update: I made another MMF cake yesterday and I kneaded in a lot more PS than last time to make it stiffer. Turned out beautiful and still looks good this morning!! Yay!!
Thanks, guys!! I don't add any crisco to the actual MMF recipe- it's just marshmallows, Conf sugar and a bit of water and vanilla. I just grease my hands and board with the crisco, but thought maybe I got carried away with it. I don't know why it never occurred to me that the cake may have settled.. That's definitely possible. I also did pop several air bubbles. I really appreciate all the tips. I'd definitely rather learn from my mistakes so I can make the adjustments...
Maybe I added too much crisco? Is that possible? I'm not going to seal it next time to eliminate that factor. As far as thickness- I used the orange guide rings on the 20" wilton rolling pin which makes the fondant 1/8" I believe. Is that about the right thickness? It worked last time so I just repeated the same procedure this time.
I've recently started working with marshmallow fondant. Last time I covered a cake with plain white MMF and it worked like a charm and looked beautiful! Yesterday I covered a cake with MMF that I tinted blue with the wilton gel. After I was done it looked pretty good. I sealed it in a cake saver. Today when I opened it, it has dimples and looks like it stretched or slid down the cake a little- there are small folds at the bottom. Any ideas of what I did wrong so I can...
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