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I tried to cover a 14" round in fondant. The height was about 8". Im not completely new to fondant but I am new to covering large cakes. 3 times I tried to get fondant on the cake. It ripped every time. What is the easiest way to cover larger layered cakes?
I am currently doing the same thing but for a wedding cake. One tester i went with jello instead of pudding. It made kind of a wet cake. After several tests I finally made one that I like. Even my critical taste testing mom liked it. I went by a recipe I found here on CC called Durable cake for 3D and Wedding cakes, with 3 extra ingredients. Royal blue Wilton Gel Paste, Canned blueberries (not pie filling), and lemon juice. Minus the water. For the pudding I used instant...
Anytime I've added fruit to a cake alot of the fruit floats to the top. How do you prevent that and have the fruit be through out the cake?
You made a very good point. I do need the pieces to curve around the cake. Because the pieces need to come up higher than the top I thought if I let them dry first it would be easier, so the top didn't slump over.
How long does fondant take to dry? I am cutting several shapes from rolled fondant and want to apply them around the sides of a fondant covered cake. Also, whole it is drying will the edges crack? If so, how do I prevent it?
I am making a wedding cake this weekend. One layer needs to be blue. The couple is announcing that they are having a boy. Besides just tinting the cake blue what could I do to flavor the cake a flavor that is blue that will go with chocolate?
I just tested a recipe that I found here. It's titled Durable Cake for 3D and Wedding Cake. It is posted by heartsfire. I used a yellow cake mix and instant pumpkin flavored pudding. The cake and pudding mix can be any flavors that you need them to be. I am making a wedding cake this weekend. I tested this cake on my family. They loved it. Fortunately they are brutally honest. If it wasn't any good they would have said so. It is dense but moist. This is going to be my turn...
There is a recipe posted on here that is titled Durable Cake for 3D and Wedding Cakes. Just tonight I made this cake to test on my family because I also needed a simple but delicious sponge style cake. I change the pudding to a different flavor. The author of the recipe is heartsfire. The cake is great, taste and texture. It is going to be great for the wedding cake that I need this weekend.
I am a fan of box cake mix. I have several tricks that I use to doctor them up. One that I haven't been able to conquer is turning it into sponge for fondant covered cakes. Are there any suggestions?
Thanks CW. I don't know why I didn't look on Wilton.
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