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Can anyone tell me how you could achieve this look for buttercream? I have a customer wanting the frosting to look exactly like the pictures below.   The top one actually looks photoshopped to me - how is that actually glowing?? haha   The bottom one I can see the silver dragees, which I have, but what is making the frosting glittery?   Thank you!      
Thanks everyone!  It only happens every now and then. I will look into an embossing gun!  Good tips! :)
Is anyone able to tell me why my icing is getting craters? The cookie base was completely dry. It only happens with small details like dots, eyes, and leaves. I use a recipe with powdered sugar, corn syrup, milk and flavoring. It's so aggravating!!  Any help is greatly appreciated!      
I just use my red velvet recipe and use GEL food color, royal blue, instead of red. Make sure it's gel, not liquid. Americolor is a good one.
I've never had my blue velvet cake turn mouths blue. Are you using gel food color? I'd make a test batch yourself before speaking to the couple - don't rely on something you read.
I just purchased this brand, but the lower-end model. It was about $50. I really don't like mine, however, I've been spoiled by the Kopykake Airmaster at the grocery store where I work. The Master one I have has really uneven spray power - this one might be better! Mine blasts the cake with the first spray then tends to even out. It's like it builds up air pressure then releases it all with the first spray. It's a perfect size for a home baker, and does the trick, but if...
I usually use a color called Sky Blue and mix it with a tiny bit of Leaf Green.
I got it, and laughed out loud :) Although it did take me a minute since in French it's pronounced su-cruh, not su-cray. Still funny though! :)
Should be fairly simple. If you don't want to use fondant, just ice a round cake with tan/light brown buttercream and put chocolate chips/chocolate candy wafers/chocolate chunks all over it like a cookie :)  You can round the edges of the cake a little so it looks more like a cookie.
I can only answer as a consumer who just went to a craft fair last weekend and bought the biggest, yummiest, caramel apple I've ever seen :) I realize it was an apple and not a cupcake, but what caught my eye was how it looked - they were lined up on a table with simple cards that described the flavor, i.e, Toffee Crunch, Apple Crisp, White Chocolate Chunk, M&M, etc. Scrap concentrating on fancy cake boxes and make your cupcakes look to die for. People SEE what they eat...
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