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I couldn't have said it better my self.  Thanks Pastrybaglady for posting and thanks to everyone for all the great advice and information.    
If I am reading this correctly, you want to ice you cake with buttercream  and them pour ganache over that to serve as a second layer of icing?   I have done this before, but with a vanilla buttercream and a dark chocolate ganache.  I chilled the buttercreamed cake and then poured the cooled, but still pourable ganache over the cake.  My intent was to have the ganache drip down the sides.  I didn't use it to fully ice the cake, but I don't see why you...
I have had fondant get really wet/sticky like that.  I attributed it to the extremely high humidity where I live. 
I have the Fat Daddio 9" square pans and even though the corners are slightly rounded, my cakes still come out with fairly sharp corners that can be made even sharper with Buttercream. 
ok, thanks for the thoughts and opinions.  I may have been a little distracted yesterday and not measured as carefully as I usually do.  I'll be extra careful next time with this recipe and hopefully if will perform the way it usually does. 
I used cake flour. Is it possible that I didn't fluff up the flour enough before measuring and therefore got too much cake flour into the batter?
I baked a cake yesterday for my husband and I for our anniversary.  I used a recipe that I've used many, many times before (yellow butter cake), but for some reason this time the cake came out tough.  It's not terrible, just not as good as usual, so my question is, what do you think might have made the cake tough?  I want to make sure I avoid this problem in the future.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I actually made it with canned pineapple, couldn't find a fresh one.  I typically use a little bit of vanilla bean paste in place of the seeds from a vanilla bean, much cheaper if you can find it.    I was pleased with the cake.  It did take longer to cook and the top was not flat, I think since it had pineapple in it, but I just leveled off the top and it tasted great.  It is a slightly more dense cake just so you know.
I found and used this recipe recently.  It has chunks of pineapple in it, which is what my friend wanted for her pineapple cake.  I used a coconut filling with it.  Hope this helps.  
I think they most closely resemble watercolors, but they are not exactly like them.  I think any painting class will improve your cake painting skills and I hope you enjoy the class!
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