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Does anybody know if these exist? I've seen some fantastic cakes with a willy wonka theme I want to attempt a wonka bar, does anyone know anywhere that sell the wonka bar letter cutters?
Where do you all get your colours from? Is there a better website to buy from? Alternatively, what brand of colouring do you use?
Thank you for your replies, they're what I'm looking for but I would need more tiers x
Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but Im looking for a cake stand for a wedding. It needs to hold 80 cupcakes and a giant cupcake at the top but the client is having an English tea party theme and wants a stand that will replicate this. She has sent me one of one she likes (below) but its too small. I was hoping someone on here would be able to point me in the right direction please? Thank you.  
Ahhh! That's more along the lines what I'm thinking of! Brilliant, thank you, I can't find any like that they're all flowers or hearts.
Hi thank you ever so much for replying but I've seen them thank you though for replying I really appreciate it x
I wondered if anyone could help me? I'm looking for purple laser cut cupcake wrappers, I can only find butterflies and hearts. I'm looking for a vintage effect or filigree? If anyone can help me I'd be really grateful. I've tried everywhere on google and looked high and low on ebay. Xx
Hi I want to make buttercream for my cupcakes but the person I'm making them for cant have dairy so I've used soya butter. Is there anyway I can make buttercream? I'm probably bein a bit stupid here but I don't know if you can get soya unsalted butter? Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you for your reply
Hi,I'm hoping someone here can help me I'm after some advice on gluten free cupcakes, the person I'm making them for needs them gluten free so I want to have a practice before I make the final ones. Is it just a case of buyin gluten free flour or do I need to substitute other ingredients? Or is it completly different to a basic cupcake recipe?Really grateful of any advice.Thanks
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