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thank you
This was my first attempt at using the upside down method to achieve sharp edges on a cake with ganache. It was also my first try at white modelling chocolate which I have used to make the flowers. Overall pretty pleased with the outcome.  Excuse the naked board lol, it was only for a family gathering :)  
I've just done a 3 tier wedding cake, and both sponge tiers were 3 layers of cake and held up just fine!
Thank you everybody for your help ) much appreciated!! Xx
Ops lol I confuse myself sometimes when im in flap haha.. sorry! The recipe says to bake it as one cake but 1) I know my mixer wont take a 12 egg mix lol and 2) I am slightly worried about cooking a massive cake lol
Thank you This is the one I have altho mine came with white, black, red and blue backdrop and folds up into a black satchel together.
So would u suggest I bake 2 cakes and stack rather than 1 massive sponge mix?
Great! Thats what I was hoping lol
I got one for xmas and love it!!  I'm yet to try a bigger sized cake in there yet like a wedding cake, but my tent is quite big.   here's a photo of one of my cakes in the tent but excuse the bottom of the pic as it has a crease which is where I hadn't got round to ironing the backdrop before using it:  
I have to make a 12" chocolate madeira cake and I'm worried I'm not going to be able to mix it all properly in my mixer.  I struggled big time when I had to make a 12" fruit cake.  I have a kenwood prospero which the bowl has a 4.3L compacity ......... has anyone got any advice they can share with me??  I was thinking of halving the mixture as it is a 12 egg mix and making in 2 batches???   Hope someone can help me lol :)
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