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I am making 5 half sheet cakes and 4 6" cakes for a friends daughters communion. They are all being covered in buttercream but they are being filled with a strawberry filling. She needs the cakes Friday morning for Saturday but i want to do as much as possible beforehand. How far in advance do you think i can make the filling? 
Your cake is beautiful! I've been following the thread and couldn't wait to see the final result. Great job! 
I don't think the fondant will hold up after you take it out of the freezer. My understanding (although I have never done it myself) is that it will kind of glob off. I seen it recommended that you peel the fondant off before freezing and redecorating it later.
I love using marshmallow fondant! I use 16oz marshmallow 2lbs powdered sugar, work it all by hand until it isn't sticky and its smooth. I ran out of shortening for my hands the other day while making it and used butter on my hands but the fondant absorbed it way to quickly and I tried vegetable oil but it made the fondant start to separate, so I don't recommend that
I have used this lemon curd recipe with a coconut cake before and it wasn't to strong and everyone loved it! It was easy as well.
I haven't tried this yet but I had an idea that I thought sounded good! It's a basic yellow cake with a pumpkin butter filling and a pumpkin buttercream frosting (which can be found on this website). I plan on making it this week as cupcakes. I have made the pumpkin butter before and it was a huge hit!
If its a round cake maybe outline the base with the crown or have it off kilter around the top of the lighthouse?
Maybe it's your oven?
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