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Thank you!  I put the zest in my frosting last time, and sprinkled on top for color.  LOVE fresh citrus.  It almost makes me forget about chocolate.  
I've seen recipes suggesting the use of gelatin (e.g., lime gelatin for margarita flavored cupcakes).  Wouldn't the  gelatin make a cake too sweet for adults?  I'm assuming much more so than the use of a box of pudding.  Yes?  No?  Thoughts?   ???  I've used the Bacardi frozen mixer for the margarita cupcakes but found it sweetened the cupcakes too much for my taste so I'm looking for a different recipe.  Any suggestions?
I think Gemini's recipe is what you're looking for.  Like her, I appreciate the fact its ingredients are pantry basics, and I really like the flavor and texture.  The recipe is perfection for its simplicity.  
I can vouch for Gemini's recipe - tastes good (love it with lemon extract) and dries quickly.  
I'm with Debbie.  Despite being a southern gal, my family never served up red velvet cake.  Why?  Much ado about nothing.  Cream cheese frosting fixes came by way of luscious carrot cake.  Today, I enjoy it served on top of a very moist pumpkin cake.  Regardless of taste, who needs all that red dye?
KikiandKyle, who knew?  I saw the diagrams of various KAs.  Where to start?  I then Googled for videos and found a couple.  Don't you love the internet?
You're probably right, Charmed.  I have to say, though, I searched the internet high and low before I attempted this, checking and rechecking recipes and video.  Each time someone has written about problems, the response is usually the same - ensure there's a 1 to 1 mix, use high-ratio shortening, and make sure the beaters are covered.  Yes to all of the above.  It's been my experience there's always a detail that makes the difference; one not always relayed in mass...
NOT AT ALL HAPPY!    I tried SugarShack's buttercream without the desired results.  I'm wondering if Sharon's recipe is for a 5 qt KA but whipped up in a 6 qt bowl.  My KA is a 5 qt Artisan.  Using the 5qt recipe (5 cups shortening to 5 lbs powder sugar), I found my bowl filled too full, no matter how I attempted to scrape it down, right up into the mechanism where the beaters are inserted.  No buttercream is worth wrecking a pricey KA, nor is it particularly sanitary if...
Thanks, Spooky!  I hope I have some success with this.  It was cheaper to purchase the CK brand locally than order Sweetex online.  Unless/until I'm convinced, I figure I'll go this route.
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