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  Use a different flavored box mix, and a coordinating pudding flavor. I'm fixing to do a lemon cake for my son's birthday this weekend. :) HTH!
Thank you so much!! I figured that if I added it at room temp, it would probably work fine but I just wanted to be sure since I have never had to do it!!
I just wanted to say that I have been using this recipe that you posted, using the boxed DH mix, and it is FANTASTIC. It holds up really well and stays very moist even after being refrigerated. As a matter of fact, I am making a wedding cake for my sister right now and used this recipe. My cake is red velvet and this recipe has proven to be great because you can make it any flavor you want!
Hello!I had a recipe that I have used before for a really good crusting cream cheese buttercream.. It was on However, all of a sudden that site is gone! And I haven't ever written the recipe down. I found another that I thought would compare and mixed a batch tonight but the frosting tastes just like regular buttercream, not much cream cheese taste. The recipe only called for 8 oz of cream cheese, whereas I believe the other recipe I used called for 16...
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