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For my children (all adults now) I created a cookbook of family recipes that I collected from siblings, cousins and passed down favorites.  You can purchase a nice binder with blank pages and print up your own pages.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.   Then you can include pictures of the food with family members.  You can then make...
That was a great video Enga…Thanks!!!!
I think using a piping bag with different tips would work just as well.  The star tip could make several different shapes (such as flower and wreath) and even a just a round tip for making wreaths and trees.  I've never made them this way but it seems like it would work.  Good luck, let us know what you come up with.
Beautiful cake!  In addition to what you mentioned, adding a little corn syrup also makes the ri more elastic and easier to work with.  But again, really beautiful work, well done!
All of these recipes sound good and a mud cake is one I am anxious to try.  Just to throw another option out there, you might consider taking the craftsy class, Decadent Chocolate Cakes.  Alice Medrich teaches it and her 'Flo's Cake' is truly to die for.  It has very balanced flavors, I love it.
Craftsy has a class on airbrushing that you might want to consider.  It starts out explaining the different types of airbrushes.  Wish I had seen it before I bought mine; although it is fine, after viewing the class I would have gone for a different one.
I just checked their website and the 8qrt is $545.  They also have the 8qrt with the metal guard for about $30 more.  No coupon code needed.  It is tempting but my 6qrt is fine for me right now, although it would be nice to do bigger batches.
I was recently out of the country and baking cakes for friends.  Most of my recipes call for cake flour which wasn't available.  So I made my own.  For each cup of flour, remove 2 tbls flour and replace it with 2 tbls corn starch.  Then sift them together 4 times.  It really worked well, I may continue doing this now that I am back in the states.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Good luck.
Look in the galleries under 'Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenges, arCake has one she put in about 13 hrs ago (so for now it is the second photo).  It's really well done, looks like she used wafer paper.  Good luck.
Here's a link to a really good thread on mud cakes.  Not only does it have several recipes but a lot of good tips.
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