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I use the Wilton cake drums all the time with cakes that are 2 or 3 tier and have never had a problem.  I did have a very heavy cake (nephews wedding cake) that I needed to transport and didn't want to worry about the cake board in transportation so I went to the hardware store and found a round wood base that I love.  It is 3/4" thick with a round over edge so it is smooth and easy to handle.  They had 3 different sizes, think I got the 17".  Love it and it was very...
Thank you ladies, I will use straight ganache then.  Never thought about gnats and stuff sticking to the SMBC.  That would be pretty unappealing to say the least!
Thank you all for your responses.  Ganache never occurred to me.  I'm assuming that would be whipped ganache.  I normally use white chocolate ganache but maybe I will plan on milk or dark chocolate ganache, just to be safe.  Thanks everyone!
I will be baking a cake to serve 80 for July 5th and traveling to Albion, MI (about 3.5 hrs) with it.  I would like to use SMBC which will be made and transported in air conditioning but will be outside once I arrive. It will be placed in covered shade and the temp looks like it will be low to mid 80's.  It is for my uncles 90th birthday so it won't sit too long but possibly up to 2 hours.  Do you think SMBC will be okay or should I stick with fondant?
Well we may still get them.  I posted after receiving an email from them (you should've gotten one too) so there is still another week before they projected they would be sent out.  So if you then adjust it by CC time, we may have them by Christmas!  Naw, I am hopeful that they really do have them in their possession and that we will get them at some point.  We'll have to wait and see.  Definitely will not order anything from them again (including their magazine), I would...
You're right K8, it was a TV show and there are ratings to maintain.  I could just imagine a show with me and my 5 sisters doing a business together.  We are all best friends but our personalities are so different that a reality show would probably not be pretty.     But I do have 2 of their books and there are a couple of recipes in particular that I really love (the lemon and the raspberry white chocolate).  Others are good too but these are my favorite so far.  Got a...
I went to the famous sisters cupcake shop in DC once (they were on cup cake wars at least once).  I thought their cupcakes were good.  They have since opened a couple of other shops.  I'm glad that their TV show no longer runs.  I thought they acted like children and couldn't stand the way they talked to their 'mommy'.  But, their cup cakes are decent and I've tried a few of their recipes.
I had made two cakes for a family event a couple of summers ago, one was fondant and the other was a three tier butter cream with edible pictures all over each layer.  It was in the 90's that day.  They were shaded and and sat out for awhile.  No problem, just make sure any buttercream you use is made with shortening only, or grab some buckets of Wilton bc.  It should be fine.
They say...the book are in and they will be shipping in the next two weeks.  I've already written this book off and don't put much into what they say anymore...sad really.  Maybe they will come through but after 6 months of waiting I'm not holding my breathe.
Can't wait to try some of these...thank you all!
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