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Stay polite and professional.  As the poster said above, apologize for not being able to provide her with her request and move on.    The only way she is going to 'see the light' is by going to other bakers with her request and seeing what she gets for the money.  Sounds like she has ordered cakes from you on many occasions so she will have a good comparison.  Brush it off and move on without giving it a second thought.  Good luck.
Came out great!
Well you have probably already finished your cake, but for future reference, this is information I received last year from Chellescakes here on CC.  It was great and worked out really well for me.   quote from Chellescakes: I cover the cake in fondant , make sure your covering is as smooth and flawless as you can make it, as any flaw will be accentuated when you apply the leaf to it.    I like to let it sit at least 24 hours to dry out and harden a bit , two to three...
Awesome!  And congrats!  Would love to do what you are doing now.  Enjoy!!!
I always use the bake strips and for cakes over 8 inches also use the nail.  The strips keep from doming and the nail helps with baking the center.
Very pretty, they also used the daisy cutter from the set.  As already mentioned, looks like they used most of the cutters.
A lot of great information in this thread...thanks to all that contributed!
I believe it was one of Ron Ben-Israel's videos where I saw him pipe a very small line of bc between the layers and then smooth it to cover the gap.  Like caulking a bath tub. It just disappeared.
Yes, I think there are a lot of people that have still not received the book, myself included.  Sounds like there will be another email sent when they are ready to ship it to you specifically, then it arrives a couple of weeks later.  I have not received that second email but have hopes that I will still get it.    You will not receive a reply to any email you sent; communication is very lacking in this company.  There is little to none.  Still behind in the magazine...
It seems like if you do have little bits in the ri you could end up clogging up the filter (which would need to be very small).  I think it would be easier to just filter it before putting in the bag, wouldn't need the added pressure.  Let us know how the filter in the nozzle works if you try it.  Very interesting idea!
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