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I was recently out of the country and baking cakes for friends.  Most of my recipes call for cake flour which wasn't available.  So I made my own.  For each cup of flour, remove 2 tbls flour and replace it with 2 tbls corn starch.  Then sift them together 4 times.  It really worked well, I may continue doing this now that I am back in the states.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Good luck.
Look in the galleries under 'Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenges, arCake has one she put in about 13 hrs ago (so for now it is the second photo).  It's really well done, looks like she used wafer paper.  Good luck.
Here's a link to a really good thread on mud cakes.  Not only does it have several recipes but a lot of good tips.
I bought it a while back (even though I had the recipe that use to be posted).  I think it is well worth the money.  There are so many talented people who offer free advice on this website, like Jennifer, that if I can contribute in some way to them I do.  Can't wait to receive Mimi's books too!
If you have some adding machine paper, I would wrap it around the cake and cut it to size.  Then just keep folding it in half until you get the size of the swag you want.  Then you cut the top of the paper to make a swag.  Then you unfold it and wrap it around the cake and you will have a template to follow to either make tiny holes to pipe over or just start piping with the template on the cake (for me, I would make tiny holes, remove the template and then pipe over the...
Well, I finally got that email stating they are shipping me the Adore 2013 book.  I will be leaving the country for a month so hopefully it will come by the time I get back, or at least by Christmas.  I do think they are very slowly getting the books out (probably only printing x number at a time) so hopefully everyone will eventually get theres. Good luck all.
Some great websites mentioned here (love Ben-Isreal).  Just want to add  You should check out his free Olaf tutorial!
I totally agree with the cake and do it with love, not resentment.  Make it a jester to show your brother you are still there for him and happy for him regardless of anything that has gone on in the past.  I know it will hurt if you are not invited to the wedding but if you don't make the cake it may become one of your biggest regrets.   Maybe this is an opportunity to get together with him and his fiancé to discuss what they want for the cake.  Who knows what...
It is a great video. I used it a couple of years back to make one.  Didn't know it was by you costumeczar!  Thanks for the tutorial.
As far as the sugar going cloudy, that is normal.  When you are using real sugar you usually have to wait to make  your piece until the day the cake will be served.  The sugar can be made up ahead of time and stored in a dry place wrapped in cling wrap, but once you use it that piece will start getting cloudy and sticky after a day.  Depending what your piece it, it typically will only last a 3 or 4 days before it slumps into a mess.  (This has been my experience anyway,...
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