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I totally agree with the cake and do it with love, not resentment.  Make it a jester to show your brother you are still there for him and happy for him regardless of anything that has gone on in the past.  I know it will hurt if you are not invited to the wedding but if you don't make the cake it may become one of your biggest regrets.   Maybe this is an opportunity to get together with him and his fiancé to discuss what they want for the cake.  Who knows what...
It is a great video. I used it a couple of years back to make one.  Didn't know it was by you costumeczar!  Thanks for the tutorial.
As far as the sugar going cloudy, that is normal.  When you are using real sugar you usually have to wait to make  your piece until the day the cake will be served.  The sugar can be made up ahead of time and stored in a dry place wrapped in cling wrap, but once you use it that piece will start getting cloudy and sticky after a day.  Depending what your piece it, it typically will only last a 3 or 4 days before it slumps into a mess.  (This has been my experience anyway,...
Winniemog's way is good.  You can carve both sides exactly the same.  I would put a smaller cardboard round on top of the layer and carve from the top board to the bottom, should give you a nice even dimension.  Do the same with the second layer, add the filling and then flip the first cake over and put on top.  The two should meet at the same point.  And as mattyeatscake said, it's easier to do this if the cakes are cold.  Can't wait to see the cake!
Baking Arts also has a dvd on how to do wrap cakes like this with modeling chocolates, called 'gift wrapped presents'.  I have their 'extraordinary stripes' dvd which is great.  A little pricey, but another option.
I think it depends on how you want the frills in the end.  When doing the entire cake I always start at the bottom.  If you want the frills to end up facing down like they would on a skirt, the cake should be right top side up just like normal.  If you want the fills facing up like a flower or waves then you turn the cake over and do the frills the same way (facing down).  Then when you are completely done you flip the cake back over.   Toothpicks or pins work to help...
Well I got that I am a mystery, it had no feedback to provide.  How depressing is that!  Maybe it's really a good thing, always keep them guessing.
You could also try a little powdered sugar on the frosting under the cake board or parchment paper.
Well done Linda! It came out beautiful, and thanks for the details of what you did.  I'm dying to try one of these.
I bought mine online through Cake Things; they sell them by n.0, n.25, and n.5 inch sizes.  I got the 6, 8, and 10 inch in the .0 and .25 sizes.  I'm thinking the .0 will be sufficient, especially for ganache, but think the .25 will work well for smbc.  Haven't tried them yet though.  My next cake is not for a couple of weeks, I will be trying them then.  Anxious to see how it goes since I have never used this method before.
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