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What if you roll out a thin piece of gumpaste to the outer shape of the wings in a contrasting color and then attach the lace to the gumpaste?  Like an orange wing with black Cake Lace to make a monarch butterfly.  I usually do butterflies in royal icing and have no experience with Cake Lace, only sugarveil.
Based on the size of them they look like the Wilton sugar pearls in green and white.  They also have pink, yellow and blue.  Still would be tedious to place them all on the border individually.
For chocolate covered oreos I use mint flavored chocolate (like Andes).  The cookies taste like the girl scout mints.  People love them and I just use the mint chocolate from the grocery store so it's fast and easy.
Agree with winniemog, you want to use the colors made for chocolate as they are oil based.  If you don't have them try painting a thin layer of white first, let it dry, then paint you color over it.
your welcome….post a picture of the cake when you are done.  It sounds really cute.
I would use the wax paper method.  Although I haven't tried it, you might achieve it easier if you lay alternating strips of solid black and white on the wax paper to get the height of you cake.  Then carefully cut one column at a time and remove the squares (keeping them together) and turn them around placing them back in the same spot. When you do the first column you will now have two columns of checkered squares.  Not sure if I explained it clearly enough but this...
If you want an amazing Olaf tutorial, check this one out!
For this application I would use mc over fondant just because mc will hold it's shape but can still be manipulated so you can shape it as you put it on the cake.
Here's my tip for getting evenly spaced scallops on any cake.  I use the paper rolls made for adding machines or cash registers and cut a piece that fits around my cake (doesn't matter if it is round or square).  Once I have the circumference of the cake I fold the paper in half, then in half again and keep folding it until it is the size I want the scallop to be.  Once it is all folded I cut the scallop once, unfold it, and wrap it around the cake and lightly mark the...
A couple of ideas if you are looking for chocolate…you can make Christmas mice: cherry with stem still on, dipped in chocolate with a candy kiss for the face, slivered almonds for the ears and then add red eyes and nose…they are really nice to have scattered in with the food for Christmas dinner.   Another simple thing is chocolate covered oreo cookies.  Cover them with melted mint chocolate chips and drizzle with white chocolate.  They look very nice and taste like the...
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