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Thanks so much!! That's definitely doable for me. :)
Hi all!   I will be covering my first cake in fondant this week. I see all the great reviews for MFF. I am planning on making a batch tomorrow evening but I also need to cover my cake that same evening/night. I would make it tonight but my schedule won't allow me to go to Michaels to purchase the glycerin until tomorrow.   Should I use another type of fondant all together or would this still work without sitting for 24 hours?   Thanks in advance!
What if you used a slogan to explain that you are more than just cupcakes. Something like    PartyCakes "providing the whole party AND the cake"   or "not just cake...the whole party"   Something to that effect. BTW, I went with CupcakeDuJour Cupcakery but I fall in the same category as you so I had to explain myself all over my cards and such that I provide printables, favors, cupcakes, sweet treats and more!   Good Luck!! :)
That was such a great idea! I absolutely loooove it. Great job with the packaging.
That's awesome! They all look identical! Very nice! I've been playing around with royal icing transfers but that looks pretty tiny. I would probably be better at freehanding with edible markers. 
Have you heard of  disco dust? I've never used it myself but I see it often around the net. 
Has anyone ever purchased or used these before? I picked some up at Michaels last week. They were relatively inexpensive and came 6 in one pack. I used my coupon of course! I don't know if I would want to incorporate them into a table setting but I think they are amazing to use for images of cupcakes for websites etc. Just thinking of ways to dress them up now. I'm thinking I may just cover it completely with a blanket of fabric so you can't see the stand. Would love...
I've been wondering the same thing. I tried to do research online to see if you could upload to a site and they mail you the edible toppers so to speak. I came up with nothing. Still looking...
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