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This stuff is way too gloomy to use for pretty much anything but color blending or cutouts... I definitely wouldn't cover a whole cake with it! I have mixed tylose into it and had it set overnight, but being that this is so soft, idk about figurines... you would need a ton of tylose... if you try it, let us know how it works.
I make a stellar chocolate cake! But for some reason my white and yellow scratch cakes always have the texture of cornbread! I'll try thickening my batter up with some cake flour.
Well... that's my question... lol Has anyone ever tried this??? I have it in my head that it will work... I haven't found a good vanilla cake that works for me yet, so I was going to give a mix a go with B&W cookies!
Me too! I have had the same mats for years now... when I tried the chopping mats, I guess they were just too thick and the scoring was very deep, so I got the imprint on the back of my medium.
 I have done this with the cricut cake I had, and while it did work, it didn't save me much when it came down to it because they curl up a bit in the middle, and I wound up with score marks which transferred onto the back of my fondant, so I had to replace them often... but hey, if it works for you, go with it.
I guess this would work too... I never thought to strip the sticky off, but same concept... no sticky for fondant or gumpaste. I do however use a sticky mat when I cut sugar sheets... I leave them on the plastic and stick it right on... works like a charm.
yes. you receive one explore blade with the machine... I also got a deep cut for thicker fondant
Yes, you have to use the cake mats, but the cake blades will not work. The explore blade it different than all the other machines, so you can't use the others
Yes. An Internet connection is required. I know this has turned some people off.
You do need a computer hooked up though... unlike the older cricuts.
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