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Here are some ideas for additional products for you...
I've been enjoying the 'price the cakes' lately and I've always been curious about this cake, I saved it last year from CC but can't remember the baker to ask her about it!!   I assume 14,12,10,8,6 maybe 6" each tier?? it looks tall!  
Ha ha ha- Rainbows and unicorns disclaimer!
Which is worst:1: I am offended by a comment I received when asking a simple question, the comment was too honestly written, I feel scolded! Since other people agreed with this comment I feel bullied!2:The OP asked for an honest response, their cake was poor and so with my advice hopefully they will try harder next time. Now though, I’m being called a bully and I keep receiving offensive PM’s telling me to butt out of the forums! I was only trying to help!Response to 1:...
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