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my weirdest cake request was for a zombie cake for a young boys confirmation celebration
Hi all, just to let you all know I AM  from Northern Ireland.
Hi to me they look like thin strips of fondant rolled with an edible jewel in the centre
 I live in Ireland and had a 3 week holiday in Florida in June/July and while I was there I ordered an agbay plus spare blades to arrive at my holiday rental.I had previously read reviews etc about the wonders of the agbay  and believe me they are all true.I got my agbay at a great price because I ordered while in America and had no shipping or mark up from a retailer.  So yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss get yourself one. You wont regret it
thank you cupcakemaker
Hi everyone I would like some advice from the cake central family.I have made some xmas cakes as presents one being for my mother.  She does not like icing but loves marzipan.My question is if I put the marzipan as the top layer on her cake how long will the cake keep or specifically how long will the marzipan keep fresh on the cake before it goes off?.Thank you in advance
Hi Mbalaska Im from Ireland,if you go onto craftsy s website and type in marshmallow fondant you should get  a recipe I have tried myself which was yummy.
Hi KK I have mine over a year and am doing an average of 3/4 cakes per week.I  have maybe just wore mine out lol
I bought the new pro mat,but have just ordered the original mat because all the writing,markings etc have worn away on the new pro mat..Has anyone else with the new pro mat had this problem. If the markings are going to wear away I reckon I could save some money by going for the original with no markings.
Hi Shandicakes ,I did my brothers wedding cake last year(its my avatar pic),a girl who saw it and had ordered a cake previously asked me to do her wedding cake and I will admit I was a bit daunted and terrified in case I ruined their day with a horrible cake.I spent a lot of time and effort into making the cake for them,and was rewarded with the hugest hug and thanks when I delivered their cake. Only then did I TELL HER that this was only my 2nd wedding cake.  I have since...
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