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Thanks Debbie. The shadowing is totally gone the wheel marks are lighter but much better. Still troubleshooting. But now its way better. thanks Rakhi
Thanks Guys Samantha_cakes ...Thanks. I like the idea, will give it a try. Will let you know how it turns out Thanks Rakhi
tried the melon baller but the edges are not clean. guess ill have to live with that. pick my battles
Thanks Theresa I have made these before (learnt it from the same blog but this time i need the dots to be smaller ...and there in lies the problem Rakhi
@ SuzieD..... I meant i have to bake polka dots inside a cake.@ Dani1081....and @ Coke....The cakepops mould is too big. I have never seen smaller cake pops mould. If i use hand shaped cake pops with icing in it. Wont that affect the cake??? like may be loose its shape while baking or the buttercream melting off inside. Should i freeze them first? what do you think?Thanks Rakhi
Hi All I have to make a cake with polka dots inside. i have made this before with cake pops but those dots are rather large. This time i have to make small dots. Any ideas on how to accomplish that?Thanks Rakhi
Hi DebbieI bought the MG5320. I also bought the premium icing sheets from your website. But i am having trouble with the prints. 1. I see parallel wheel marks on the printout. As if the rollers are digging into the sheet. Could it be that the premium sheets are too thick for this machine? 2. Also there is a lot of shadowing. Like overlapping of color. if i have a pink color and black in the picture. the black gets transferred over to the pink. and it looks dull and...
Thanks Julz417
Thanks SammieB
Hi all This is how my camera finally looked like everyone for your help. I finally ended using the nonslip shelf liner.Thanks again Rakhi[/img][/url]
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