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Thank you!! i cant beleive how much it really looks like chalk writing. i was so happy with the way it turned out
i love to bake, but i am just starting out with the decorating aspect. last night i made my first fondant cake (pictured in my avatar) and clearly i do not have the proper tools, as i was very frustrated and had to imprvise a lot. so please tell me what tools make the cake decorating process a little easier for you and why? thanks everyone!
here it is, the white powder mixed with clear vanilla extract worked great for the chalk writing. this is my first ever time working with fondant, the black as you see was a little dry unfortunatly. its far from perfect.couldnt upload the file so heres a link to it in my gallery on here.
thank you guys so much for the helpful tips! im going to go out and hopefully get all my materials today. i will definatly post a pic when im finished
i love the way the chalk writing looked on your cake! where can i find the white petal dust, and what kind of alcahol did you use? thanks!
Im making a back to school cake and i wanted it to look like a chalkboard. would i use black fondant for the chalkboard and royal icing for the chalk writing? any tips appreciated. thanks!
thank you so much! i will check out that book and your link!
I put in a call to my health department and all the requirements for my kitchen sound pretty simple. He told me I need to take the servsafe certification prior to inspection. I am just curious is there anything else I can do prior to the health inspection such as applying for a business license? And how do i go about registering the name that I want to use for the business, and is that something I can do now also? any other tips or things I can get started on at the...
so i put in a call to the health department this morning, and the man was very nice. he explained all the requirements for my kitchen and it really sounds possible. i was pretty nervous, he told me i need to take the serv safe course before i apply for him to inspect my kitchen. im excited to get the ball rolling
Im in massachusetts, we do have a CFL here, i just need to find out the specifics and requirements. Im hoping my Kitchen will pass.
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