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Well, I wasn't attacking anyone who chooses to freeze them.  I am just saying what I have heard from people.  Maybe they have had stuff from people that freeze too long, etc.  Hope there are no hard feelings.  :)
I was just adding that I use mixes for info to my whole process.  Sometimes my words come off wrong.  Lol.  I used to cut the top off of my cakes to even them out but since I started using the owel method I have been getting tons of compliments on my cakes.  I heard best chocolate cake ever.  From what I have read about that is that the cake is more dense like pound cake.  It saves so much time from cutting and you aren't wasting cake.  Of course, my husband and kids...
I bake at 325, I find it to take loger, but the cake raises slower.  I watch and test until they are done.  When I pull them out I take a towel and press them down until they are even.  Judge me how you will I use cake mixes and I get huge compliments on my cakes.
My first wedding cake I did I took each layer separate.  I put the layers on top of each other and then decorated the bottom of each tier and then put the flowers on.  Give yourself at least 2-3 hours before the reception starts.
I wouldn't freeze them, I have heard from many people (none of my customers) that they hate frozen cakes.  I guess it does something to the taste.  We have an hhr so I know how you feel.  Fold down the seats and put the rubbery contact paper in the car and the cakes will not slide.  I have done this for the 2 weddings I had, I saw it on a site.  Good luck!
Good tips, thanks!
Trust your gut.  I had a wedding order and told them I needed the down payment asap (it was less than a month notice).  I waited and waited.  Finally, I checked the mail one day and the check was not there, I told myself I needed it by that day and no didn't come.  I contacted the daughter who I have had good experience with and told her I would not be able to do it with no money seen.  She understood and told me that her Mom did not get her money.  I was...
Does she have any colors picked out for her wedding?  If so I would use that as your guide.  If not, I would think about season and venue.  With her being your friend I'm sure you have some idea of what she likes.
Maybe microwaving too long?  I don't microwave til they are all melted.  I also mix it in my stand mixer with the dough hook.
I have trouble with MMF too.  Usually when putting it on the cake it tears.  I will no MMF, but I let it be known that I specialize in buttercream.  Most people in my area prefer BC anyway and I can make it as smooth as fondant.  I love the MMF for making characters and other details.  I call it adult play-doh.  Lol.   I want to get "the mat" from Sweet Wise.
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