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Sugar cookies with butter cream were something I didn't even know existed till I moved to the usa, but I made up for lost time... I really don't like abc on cake, my preference is imbc with loads of vanilla bean. It's not cloyingly sweet, or too buttery, takes flavours amazingly, easy to use and doesn't overpower the cake.
Did they move it onto a Dinner plate? There is a lot wrong with the cake in the second photo that could been a result of taking the cake of the board and moving it. I'd ask for a photo of it before it was moved before making any decisions.
Organic, non-gmo, and marzipan... you should have just bought her dress and called it a day, lol. You can mix fondant and marzipan, it keeps the marzipan flavor, but is very workable. It's sweeter than straight marzipan of course, though. My advice, put your foot down. It doesn't sound like you've had experience covering with marzipan before, and it's not as easy as fondant. Give her options you are confident you can execute well, and tell her she needs to pick from...
Nekkid bakin'!   hehe, as long as you are squeaky clean and lint/shedding free, you're golden in my books.
The HD and my insurance don't allow children in either my commercial or home bakery. Not to mention the fact that I don't let children in my bakery, haha, or other people. Other people are gross! They have pets, they sneeze, they wear linty clothing, they touch things.   (I of course never sneeze, pet a cat, or touch things :P)
Yep, I would cut those slices in half! Especially for a business meeting. 
Yes you do, if you want to avoid the extra allergen, parchment paper has no soy warning :)
Cream breaks down bit by bit, and sour cream is wet and heavy, I don't think there is anyway you can make it stable enough to properly ice a cake and maintain the the flavour/texture of the original recipe.   I would probably try an SMBC with sour cream added in. It wouldn't be the same, but you'd still get the tang from the sour cream, and not an overpowering cloying sweetness from ABC.
What a fun cake! I love seeing one of those kiddos get a really well made cake :) I love how you did the buttercream. (also in love with anything steampunk that is cake related atm!)
What type of cake is it? I would definitely not use plain butter in any case.
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