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I have a set of americolor ones, they are awesome. Go on easy with no pressure needed, and stay a good pure black.
I refuse to do anything bigger than a 6" tier on top, it just never looks right, imo. Any particular reason for choosing those sizes?
I refrigerate all my cakes, once filled and iced. I never let naked cake sit in the fridge not covered though, that will dry it right out. Some cakes are just not meant to be eaten cold either, I have a chocolate one that is amazing cold, but my vanilla needs to be room temp, or it has an awful dry mouth feel.
They are called petal ruffles, if you Google that you will get tons of photos and tutorials. I use a 5 petal cutter, then use a ball tool adding the edges, gather/fold together and stick them on with a touch of water. There are some great picture tutorials that would explain it fat better than I did
I've used royal, tinted to match, works great for little 'out of the way' cracks.
If they pay for it, sure. Like the other ladies though, I don't do sheet cakes, my kitchen cakes are 4" high layered cakes, a slice of that doesn't risk looking boring on a plate No offense to your friend, but I've never been a fan if the paper towel look, I'd suggest running a texture comb quickly over the top if you want a pattern.
white cake is simply a vanilla sponge, made with egg whites. Yellow cake is the same, but made with whole eggs. The yolks give it a yellow color, and make it a bit richer.
Sugar cookies with butter cream were something I didn't even know existed till I moved to the usa, but I made up for lost time... I really don't like abc on cake, my preference is imbc with loads of vanilla bean. It's not cloyingly sweet, or too buttery, takes flavours amazingly, easy to use and doesn't overpower the cake.
Did they move it onto a Dinner plate? There is a lot wrong with the cake in the second photo that could been a result of taking the cake of the board and moving it. I'd ask for a photo of it before it was moved before making any decisions.
Organic, non-gmo, and marzipan... you should have just bought her dress and called it a day, lol. You can mix fondant and marzipan, it keeps the marzipan flavor, but is very workable. It's sweeter than straight marzipan of course, though. My advice, put your foot down. It doesn't sound like you've had experience covering with marzipan before, and it's not as easy as fondant. Give her options you are confident you can execute well, and tell her she needs to pick from...
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