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Exactly! @BrandisBaked. This thread is actually ridiculous. Somewhat comical even. Let the child sell his/her cupcakes in peace. No one is being forced to purchase the cupcakes or eat the cupcakes. It's a great financial teaching source for a child and I'm sure the child has fun and is learning at the same time. I too would laugh in anyone's face who comes to my child's lemonade stand asking to see a permit. 
I completely agree with you @Nickithebaker that people just over think things these days. I really don't think it's that serious if a little child chooses to sell cupcakes or lemonade or whatever it may be. It's a child for goodness sake and I don't see how it is your concern. The only liability lies with the child's parents. If anyone does get sick then they can take that up with the child's parents. It's not your concern. Why should any laws pertain to a child simply...
Agreed.     I like the idea of having a minimum order
To start off, I somewhat agree with some of the previous comments. I definitely don't think that you need to worry yourself about undercutting other bakeries or cake businesses. That's just over-thinking the situation and it's not your concern. At the end of the day most if not everyone starts a business to be able to do what they love and still make a living. Usually new businesses will charge somewhat less than established businesses because 1) the following isn't...
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