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Hello,   I am making a 3 tier fondant covered cake which is going to be covered in sugar crystals and piped with design. My question is:   Do I cover the fondant in sugar crystals first and then pipe the decoration over the crystals after? Or do I pipe my decoration and then proceed to cover the cake in sugar crystals after.   I was planning on covering with sugar crystals by brushing clear piping gel over the fondant as well.   Please help! Thank you :)
I think I like the idea of simply placing them in straws and sticking them in the cake. The more I think about it, the flowers laying on top of eachother for support should be fine. I only have to transport it down the street as well. I just have to protect it from San Diego's blistering hot weather. I will be sure to post a picture of the final product. 3-tier white fondant cake with gold trimming and a yellow sunflower topper with cascading burnt orange roses down all...
Thank you! I will try that. I'm just scared of the fondant tearing if the flowers weigh it down. Also, do you suggest doing it the same day as the event or is the night before okay?
Hello! I have a 3 tier engagement cake I need for this weekend and the client wants roses cascading down the front of the cake. How can I properly do this? Do I wire the roses together and let them lay down the front? I've only worked with fresh flowers once before but that was just placing them on the top of the cake. Would anyone happen to have a link to a youtube video for this as well? All suggestions are greatfully appreciated as I am nervous about this!! Thank you!
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