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thanks for the input everyone! I won't say anything... it just really got under my skin... haha, that kind of situation where you lay in bed at night, staring at the wall, trying to come up with the perfect "shame on you" speech i'd love to give her, but then rolling over and accepting that conversation will never happen :(  sigh
holy cow that must have been a big cake! :) but yes, we are all our own worst critics...always!  do you have a picture of the cake? i'm sure its not as bad as you think :)
hey all,   so a few weeks ago my aunt in law asked that i make 15 jumbo cupcakes, individually boxed and ribboned for a school event she was going to. she wanted a cupcake for each board member. she also asked for them to be made on my day off. since shes family, i said ok and went in to my bakery to make them. she picked them up and i told her the price and she said the school board would be sending me a check ( me at pickup, or at least let me know ahead...
i offer a free anniversary cake with all my wedding cakes. it is made seperate from the wedding cake (that way they can use their top tier towards servings)  and placed in the freezer at their reception venue when i arrive to set up the wedding cake. Its just a little 6 inch 2 layer cake and in order for it to be free it has to be one of the flavors they chose for their wedding/grooms cakes bc since its free i'm not going to make a seperate batch of cake batter just for...
almond? that goes well with chocolate
arrgghh!!! i got a scam email from all three of these "names" within two days. i only responded to one saying "i'm completely booked that weekend" and i didn't respond to the others.  What the heck?!
  haha, hmmm.....doesn't sound too friendly....
i was also thinking this...i guess i don;t see how the ingredients/boards/dowels for a cake this size could cost $475.... i'm curious to hear the breakdown here
There's a Butterfly Bakery the city over from me. it does pretty well I think I also like Buttercup Bakery after seeing how I met your mother I guess I like B names
if you apply soft buttercream too thick, then the weight of itself will cause it so get that crackly elephant skin look.  it needs to be whipped to a firm enough state that when you smooth it on, it stays. and don't apply too'll just be too heavy
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