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Yeah, I didn't mean a universal price...I meant that I thought that pricing cake by the serving was a universal practice...obviously I didn't think every bakery in the world or even in a given area, has the same price per serving...but it is interesting to hear that in the UK they price by tier...very interesting
I would think price per serving is a universal thing...but I don't really know. it makes it a lot easier that's for sure
So I have a last minute request from a customer to include a 1/4 sheet grooms cake. they want the top of the cake to have a particular logo on it (a brand of beer) I think I'm just going to order an edible image bc its very intricate and they already have another Harley Davidson grooms cake that I have to do in addition to the wedding cake...where do you order from? Any suggestions?
Looking for more alternatives to buttercream....any of you use whipped ganaches or whipped creams in th eir cakes?
I saw a post for this but now I can't find it...sooooo someone tell me what additives are required in order to make a nice firm whipped cream that can be used in place of traditional buttercreams? Thanks!!!!
Thanks ladies! I decIded to switch to earlenes from wilton and that'll. give people a little bigger piece. if they don't want to pay $3 a serving for a 30 serving 10 inch cake simply simply bc they plan on cutting mammoth pieces...well tough
hey all,   so i recently got my bakery's website up and running and i was updating the cakes section as far as serving sizes and cost goes...well, i always went by the rule that a cake is a cake and regardless of whether they are cutting it for wedding size servings or a party size servings (ie wedge slices) the cake istelf is the same size and therfore it will be the same amount per serving... but now i'm questioning... my rates start at $3.00 per serving.. but how...
so i'm purchasing a few sps stacking plates online but there seems to be a lot of different pillars and plates and whotnot...for those of you that already use them, if i just want basic white plates with basic columns that i can cut to the right lengths on my own, which should i buy?! i'm confused
EVOIR i'd love to see the $3000 cake!!! do you have a picture??
oh i agree some ABC's can leave a film..i think that those that do either have too much butter and not enough sugar and aren't whipped long enough, or are often made with shortening instead of butter which is why i never make buttercream with shortening. absolutely no offense to those who do, but i just feel like you can't call it a buttercream otherwise :(  but maybe i'll try a less butter version of IMBC sometime. i was always under the impression that you HAD to add...
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