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I haven't timed myself but i'm thinking with colouring and such, 3 (flat ones) - 5 (the 3d ones) minutes?But again, i'm new to making these flowers so i'm slow
I'll be making 100 cupcakes for a brides wedding! I have a price breakdown of what i'd charge and i'm having difficulties putting a price on the flowers. I'm charging $2.50 for each cupcake with icing$100 for tier rental and delivery I'm thinking of charging $1 each for the flowers. Size is around 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter. What do you think?
I used club house and only because it was readily available. Wish I had gotten one from a specialty store but they didn't have coconut at the time. I saw the brand you're talking about !! Have you tried their vanilla extract? any opinions?
perfect !! thanks very much!
I'm needing to make Coconut buttercream for cupcakes. I've bought extract but it doesn't taste good and want to opt for canned Coconut milkHowever, how long do you think coconut milk buttercream can last out at room temperature for?I'm going to use the Buttercream Dream Recipe here on CC.Extremely grateful for your opinions!! thanks
IMBC doesn't need refrigeration. Not sure if that is your question is though? Examples of perishables that are generally considered potentially hazardous by most HDs are whipped cream, cheesecakes and custards.[/quote]oh pardon me. I meant to say.. what type of cake bases don't need refrigeration?I typically use cakes that do require eggs and sometimes milk good thing none of my products use what you mentioned above
Thanks KelleymSwaying away from the original question tho. I use Italian buttercream which can pretty be at room temp. What kinds of cake doesn't require refrigeration? If only I lived in the US
^Thank you Jason for such a quick response. This clears it up for me. Its great to know there are many resourceful members here
An update from the insurance personnel,seems like they don't have any particular insurance that can cover me one time without me having to pay an arm and a leg. The church is letting me use their licensed kitchen for a fee and doesn't require me to have insurance. Now I was reading the contract template a kind individual has posted up on CC and there are lines there say things such as:- _______ will not be responsible for injury, illness, death from consumption of product-...
thank so very much for all your inputI seriously was looking for more than 3 hours and did not come across this document! I'm super happy there are so many people here that have knowledge about this (regardless of location) Time to research it further
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