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Yes, I saw couple of Banana Fosters recipes on web but I've never tried to bake them! Look so delicious!  
Yes, it is always great choice! I've been thinking about sweet potato , but there are no many recipes on internet!  
Hello everybody,   I want to prepare some nice cupcakes for Thanksgiving and I would like to make some really great ones so I can take a pictures and publish this recipe on my  blog! Do you have some great ideas for these cupcakes! I'm searching for great Thanksgiving ingredients and decoration! All the best
Yes! Red Velvet is always my choice! The taste is great and they are always look amazing! The second placed is reserved for chocolate!
Here are my favorite Christmas cupcakes! Real pieces of art! Enjoy!  
Yes , great advices! I will try to used them! The best problem was light and shadow! Also I had a problem with making great background composition! It looks so easy when you watch some great photos but hart when you want to make your own
Hi, I've started blog recently where I showcase wonderful cupcake recipes! I;ve found tons of beautiful images I've decided to write down my own recipes and made first cupcakes but I realized I mad awful images ! I have nice camera Cannon Eos 1000 but...Does anyone have some great advice about taking cupcakes photos.Best regardsVera
Hello everybody,My name is Vera! I adore all desserts especially cupcakes and recently I've lunched blog where I showcase best cupcake recipes on web, so I've decided to start writing my own cupcake recipes! And here is my first cupcakes I made images for. I called them Pudding & Jam Cupcakes! I still have problem with making quality photos but I hope I will learn this skill to.The recipe for Pudding & Jam CupcakesFor the Cupcakes:• 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour• 1 1/2...
Hello everybody, I've recently started blog where I feature my favorite cupcake recipes and decoration ideas! I would like to hear your opinion. What do you like and what you don't! ThanksHere is URL of my blog :
Hello to everyone ! Check out our cupcakes decorations.
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