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Lol thanks!!! I really hope so. I decided to cover in white fondant which I've done before & decorate with cascading fondant butterflies. Do I need to put a dowel minus the cake board through both tiers or dowels & cake board in each tier? That's the only part that's confusing me. Thanks!!!!
Thank you K8 & MF!!!! I'm way too excited! I was thinking of doing all buttercream roses or the kind with the rhinestone band & roses. Something simple for my first .
I don't know step by step but I know most cakers here bake & freeze(undecorated) even days ahead. As long as you wrap each layer well in plastic wrap. When I have cupcakes with fondant decorations I do them sometimes a week ahead & it's still great(stored in an air right container). They will be too hard to eat but most people I notice don't bother to eat the fondant decor bc they think it's too pretty or will be nasty.
I do cupcakes only but that changed recently when I scored some very inexpensive never been used vintage 4 tier cake pans. Whenever I try something new, I use boxed cake mix. So how many will I need for a 6", 8", 10", & 12" double layers? I'm actually going to practice with only the first two tiers at first. Will 2 boxes be enough for that? Thank you! Also any advice you can give on doing my first 2 tier cake would be appreciated .
Are there going to be any other flavors? That might be kind of boring if that's all you're going to do with vanilla. I would suggest adding a filling and or different flavored extracts in the cake part for more diversity. Vanilla is a great base for many things. Add some lemon zest with lemon frosting & boom you have lemon. Add sprinkles to make it funfetti. Add crushed oreos for cookies & cream. The possibilities are endless.
Thank you oh so much! I'm glad I have a recipe now & that the chips will work. You've saved my day.
I'm up for anything. The only thing she requested is that it be smooth like truffle filling. Thanks.
It needs to be piping consistency not dipping.
Does anybody have a good reliable recipe for this? I have to top chocolate cupcakes with a ganache & I bought ghirardelli(sp) chocolate chips to stay on budget. The lady I'm making for wanted it bc she loves the centers of truffles. I'm concerned bc I've read that the chips will be too difficult to work with & the ganache won't be smooth? I have no other choice. Can you add butter to make it more smooth? Thank you.
Thank you Rebecca and emet!!!! Glad to know y'all were successful. I'll try it again .
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