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I want to make coconut cream cupcakes for the game Saturday. Dorie Greenspan perfect party cake is my holy grail for white/vanilla based cupcakes. Can I replace the milk in the recipe with coconut milk? I hear it cooks out. Or should I use the coconut milk to make the frosting and some sort of coconut cream? I have tons of it. Thanks!
Ahh I totally get it now . Can't wait to actually bake my first 2 tier but I have to buy so many things first (cake board, dowels, turntable, leveler, frosting knife).
Wow, this really comes in handy. I appreciate it .
ThankThis is so helpful, thank you .
That makes much more sense. I don't understand how others make cakes without dowels & cake boards.
Thank you for clearing that up. It's so confusing bc I watch plenty YouTube videos & some use just dowels & no cake board or one dowel through the whole cake.
Lol thanks!!! I really hope so. I decided to cover in white fondant which I've done before & decorate with cascading fondant butterflies. Do I need to put a dowel minus the cake board through both tiers or dowels & cake board in each tier? That's the only part that's confusing me. Thanks!!!!
Thank you K8 & MF!!!! I'm way too excited! I was thinking of doing all buttercream roses or the kind with the rhinestone band & roses. Something simple for my first .
I don't know step by step but I know most cakers here bake & freeze(undecorated) even days ahead. As long as you wrap each layer well in plastic wrap. When I have cupcakes with fondant decorations I do them sometimes a week ahead & it's still great(stored in an air right container). They will be too hard to eat but most people I notice don't bother to eat the fondant decor bc they think it's too pretty or will be nasty.
I do cupcakes only but that changed recently when I scored some very inexpensive never been used vintage 4 tier cake pans. Whenever I try something new, I use boxed cake mix. So how many will I need for a 6", 8", 10", & 12" double layers? I'm actually going to practice with only the first two tiers at first. Will 2 boxes be enough for that? Thank you! Also any advice you can give on doing my first 2 tier cake would be appreciated .
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