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I'm trying to make a coconut cake with recipe I have used plenty of times without fail, but the last two times I've made it. The batter tastes gritty as though the sugar isn't mixing properly. It rises enough to overflow the pans then create a giant crater in the middle. The parts of the cake that got almost done tastes just fine, but it's not salvageable.
I'm in Florida. It may never really get cold hereĀ 
What is your favorite ganache recipe? I tried one the other day, but it never set enough for me to whip it. It was a 1:1 ratio of chocolate and cream. I think I remember someone telling me that a 2:1 ratio works better. TIA!
I have baked my first ever coconut cake and am wondering what type of frosting would compliment it. What kind of frosting do you use if you make coconut cakes? TIA!
I have been using Grace's recipe since she gave it to me and it seems to get better each time I make a cake or cupcakes with it. Just awesome!
I have begun to notice I put too much icing on my cakes. I would like to know how you all go about icing your cakes so that people aren't scraping the extra icing off. Thanks!
This recipe was really good, even after I slightly over baked it. Thanks Grace!
In another thread someone mentioned to me the Cook's Illustrated yellow cake recipe. I looked it up and it has cake flour. I would rather have a recipe that uses regular flour because I use regular flour in all my other recipes. Do any of you have a good yellow cake recipe uses AP flour? TIA
I tried that one and I couldn't get it to work right. It always come out gummy.
Thank you. I will try that.
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