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Geez - what is wrong with people? Even if I did have that opinion about someone I would never write it!
Do your own homework and learn your own costing out so you can price your product accordingly. Do this (and hone your skills!!) before you go into business and start selling product.
I was sarcastic! You know - we read it all the time here...... people underpricing their work so as not to disappoint a client.
Oh and here I thought it was because you just LOOOOOOVE caking and think that everyone deserves a great cake - even if their budget is 18.89.
What is wrong with making money?
Well done. Everything sounds delicious.
Yeah, I know.
Well, good luck to you then.
.........mmmm. You really do need to do your OWN homework and learn how to do your costing out properly. How can I tell you what to charge? Please - I don't know your costs! You might be using crap ingredients like mixes and Criscocream icing. My skills are in a different category than yours, so that also needs to be taken into consideration.
If you don't have permission from Disney to make this cake then you, legally, cannot sell it. You need to get (among other things) a solid pricing structure in place before you go into business. How much were you thinking of selling a similar cake for?
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