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Agree. portrait designer, watercolour designer, clay pot designer........
White chocolate layers, raspberry filling (the real thing, not any flavoring - it's quite a stretch to call something raspberry if it doesn't even contain the real thing) and dark choc icing.
Aw Applegum, I counted you in from the get-go!
Well done and well deserved. Lovely display.
You took a order for cake/frostng that you have no idea how to make?
Well, on second thought, let's just forget about the class and drink coffee and eat cookies instead (and say mean things about stupid people we don't like).
For you two hooligans - extra special price!
Oops - per participent.
Forgot to say I just finished a wired peony class (bud, half open and open with stamens, etc) that was two days , 9.30-16.00. I charged the equivalent of 200 USD.
I do it. I have a variety of different classes. Everything from how to fill, cover and stack - to figure modeling to wired sugarflowers. It is a very successful venture, but quite costly to set up. I have an age limit of 16 years.
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